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Tuesday, 08 September 2020

International Visa Students
UE’s Study Guarantee

Berlin, 31st August 2020

Important note
Students that hold an entry visa for Germany are expected and obliged according to their study contract to start their studies in September 2020. Thus, your Study Contract can ONLY be terminated by submitting a visa refusal letter and in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of your study contract.

However, as a sign of goodwill, UE offers students without an embassy appointment or a pending visa decision to test UE’s virtual teaching facilities between the 28th September and 30th October 2020 free of extra charge. Should you then still decide to defer your studies by one semester you will need to do so in writing by the 30th October 2020 (see below for further information).

Is UE offering lectures on campus?
Yes, according to governmental regulations UE will offer lectures on campus in accordance with hygiene and security measures set by the Federal States of Berlin, Hamburg and North-Rhine Westphalia. UE’s plans are subject to change; however, it is planned to offer a mix of online, hybrid and offline classes during the Winter Semester 2020.

How do Hybrid classes work?
Hybrid classes means that UE will have a group of students in class, while students from the same programme join online. Imagine your programme consists of 20 students. On Monday 10 students would join online, while the other 10 students join the classes on Campus. On Tuesday, it would be the other way around for example. A video under the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEw1i2qh9Lk&feature=youtu.be explains the Hybrid teaching concept further.

Can I start my course by Online Streaming under the Study Guarantee?
Yes, you can start your course by Online Streaming. UE ensures that your academic year starts without delay. We will make sure that the ongoing Covid-19 situation does not lead to any delay in your personal study planning and that you still receive high quality teaching and mentoring.

Can I start even without an entry visa for Germany?
Yes, you can also start your studies with UE without an entry visa. As long as you have paid a reservation fee, you can already start your degree programme with us. We will support you with issuing visa support letters; so that you can apply for a German visa once, the German embassies/consulates reopen. For example, you could complete the whole first semester successfully online and travel to Germany for the start of 2nd semester provided you obtain the visa and travel bans are lifted.

If I start my course online, when should I apply for my Study Visa? As soon as you secure a visa appointment slot, you can apply for a Study Visa. We will provide all necessary supporting documents, so that when you go for the visa interview you can submit everything that is needed.

Can I travel to Germany and then start my course online?
Under the current conditions, a full return to the campus is unlikely till the end of 2020. But unlike most other universities, UE has taken the decision to offer selected classes on Campus under consideration of hygiene standards. Strict security concepts are being developed so that UE shall inform its students in the course of the month of September 2020. Your health and safety is our absolute priority. Although you can also start online classes out of Germany, UE will offer classes on Campus as well (subject to change).

If my arrival in Germany is delayed due to Covid-19, what will happen to my enrolment?
UE is planning to offer the complete 1st Semester online and offline. UE will ensure that all students can start and complete the 1st Semester online. We encourage you to do so, as studying from the comfort of your home also brings about various benefits. We still look forward to welcoming you on campus and expect so from students that hold an entry visa for Germany. 

What happens if my German visa application is rejected?
If the German embassy rejects your visa application, UE will naturally refund you even if you started the 1st semester with UE. In this case, UE will refund you the whole paid amount minus an administration fee of 250,-Euro provided you continued your programme after the 30th October 2020. The refusal letter as well as a refund form will need to be submitted to UE or your nearest representative in writing, so that UE can process the refund. It can take up to 21 working days to process a full refund.

Can I also defer the start of my studies?
The Winter Semester starts on the 01st September 2020. Usually you would need to defer your start by the 01st September 2020. Due to the current situation, we encourage you to start online with UE. Should you NOT hold an entry visa for Germany and decide that studying online is not an option for you, you would need to inform UE in writing by the 30th October 2020. In that case, we would defer your start date free of charge to the coming intake. Students that hold an entry visa need to start online or offline according to the study contract you signed. 

Is there any risk if I start my studies with UE in Winter Semester 2020?
As mentioned further above, we allow you to test our virtual learning facilities. We are certain that you will enjoy studying online with UE in the 1st Semester. We also prefer having you on Campus; however, at the same time we need to adapt to the current developments. Hence, we encourage you to start online. Should you not like it, you can still defer your studies by one semester free of charge until 30th October 2020.

Will I need to pay my semester fees, if I start online?
Semester fees are still payable; however, UE is aware of the difficult situation and has amended its payment terms accordingly. Students can join our lectures online and test us until the 30th October 2020 provided a deposit/reservation fee has been paid. If you still do not have a visa you can defer your start by one semester free of charge if you stick to the deadline mentioned above. You cannot defer your studies from the 01st November 2020 anymore and will be invoiced for the remaining 1st semester. 




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